Wheelchair Lift

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Residential Elevators & Wheelchair Lifts Jacksonville

HSAH proudly offers the ThyssenKrupp line of Residential Elevators, Stair Lifts and Wheelchair Lifts.


residential elevatorJust one look at this home elevator and you'll know immediately why this is the best selling home elevator and the crown jewel of our impressive line of elevators.

With the ability to make five stops and travel up to 50 feet, the Lev home elevator provides safe and comfortable access from the basement to the attic with a minimum of intrusion into your living space.

Stair Lift

stair liftA stair lift (like the one pictured) is the preferred method of getting from one floor to another for someone with limited mobility. The stair lift attaches directly to the steps and can be easily removed if the home is sold.

The ability to get to second floor living areas can spell the difference between staying in your home or being forced to move out. At Home Sweet Accessible Home, our Certified Aging-In-Place specialist understands the importance of having accessible products installed when and where you need them. Stair lifts are available for straight as well as curved stairs and typically installation is completed in only one day.

Wheelchair Lift

wheelchair liftIf there's one place in the world that should be accessible to those in wheelchairs, it's their own home. Look at the benefits of installing our vertical chair lift:

  • Stylish, compact wheelchair lift design that blends in with the home's surroundings.
  • Powerful performance with a 750 pound lift rating
  • Peace of mind with an amazing number of safety features.

Safety and ease of use are important considerations for providing access to your entire home for disabled or aging loved ones. Don't trust just anyone with your wheelchair or stair lift installation. Whether you are faced with permanent or temporary disabilities, let our certified "Aging in Place" builder assist with your needs. Give us a call today at 904-342-6844 to discuss your specific needs.