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Handicap Mobility Products Jacksonville

Super Pole

Superpole safety support railThe SuperPole™ System is an award winning modular grab bar designed for those requiring assistance with standing, transferring, or moving in bed.

Central to the system is a stylish floor-to-ceiling safety bar, which provides a secure structure that can be installed in minutes between any room's floor and ceiling.

P.T. Rail™

PT Rail - safety support railThe P.T. Rail™ is a wall-mounted safety support rail that promotes ease of standing and safe transfers to and from a toilet. This unique grab bar combines an exceptionally solid feel, and an innovative offset rail design for your mobility bathroom.

Angled P.T. Rail™

Angled PT Rail - safety support railThe Angled P.T. Rail is an exceptionally solid grab bar and provides support in areas where two or three stairs are found. This is a proven safety rail designed to provide easy access to your home, office or building.

  • Adjustable Rail Angles
    Features an adjustment screw to customize the grab bar angle to suit even the steepest stairs.
  • Safely Folds Away For Storage
    This stair grab bar easily folds up to store out of the way. A machined precision, tension fit hinge creates a stable, rock solid support that want fall down causing an unexpected injury.
  • Support For 2 or 3 Step Stairs
    An angled safety rail is an excellent support option for a sunken living room, deck, patio or garage.
  • Curved PT Safety Support RailGreat For Getting In & Out Of Hot Tubs & Jacuzzis
    The P.T.Rail™ can be mounted with a mast at the threshold of a corner tub or Jacuzzi for optimal support. For larger tubs with stairs, mount the angled safety rails back to back. This mobility product is a great for getting in and out of any bathtub.
  • Wall or Floor Mounted Options
    P.T. Rail grab bars can be mounted to virtually any wall with basic structural reinforcements. Where structural reinforcements are not available, the P.T.Rail™ angled grab bar can be mounted to a wall plate that spans your structural studs. For a rock-solid support, a floor mast is also available.