Easy Access Ramps

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Disabled Access Ramps

Disabled easy access ramps are an affordable solution for many individuals dealing with limited mobility as well as seniors who opt for aging in place. At Home Sweet Accessible Home, we have the expertise to make any home, office, workplace or building more accessible. We provide several different ramps depending on your individual needs.

Modular Ramps

Modular Ramps are designed to address the accessibility needs of the homeowner in a safe, modern fashion. The EZ-Access Modular Ramp system is an excellent choice when your accessibility needs extend beyond the scope of a portable ramp. The efficient design uses less hardware, and no pre-assembly is required.

They are quick and convenient to install and remove, and are proudly made in the USA.

Features and Benefits of EZ-Access Modular Ramps include:

  • Easy installation - Install a 24 ft. system, including handrails, in less than 30 minutes!
  • Ramps, handrails, and platforms are pre-assembled to save time
  • 850 lb. weight capacity and 36" width
  • Sides are finished and flush, with no hazardous nuts or bolts protruding onto the usable ramp area
  • Handrails improve grip and ensure superior appearance
  • Access ramps and platforms are made of lightweight aluminum
  • Exclusive "patent pending" connecting system eliminates drilling and riveting handrails, and anchoring into concrete footings or pads is not required
  • Integrated independently adjustable supports
  • Designed for a clean, modern appearance
  • Skid resistant surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Configure a ramp system for almost any site

Threshold Ramps

The EZ-Access Modular Threshold ramp is a lightweight yet durable free-standing wheelchair access ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass doors and raised landings. The modular design, with its interchangeable components, easily accommodates thresholds from 3/4" to 6" high. This seam- free ramp is 34" wide and ideal for use with wheelchairs, walkers, and cane users. It is made of anodized aluminum and is intended for indoor and outdoor use.

Pathway Ramps

The Pathway Ramp is a secure solution for temporary or semi-permanent home access. This easy access ramp features a solid, seamless design, making it ideal for use with a mobility scooter, walker or wheelchair. The ramp is ultra-strong, providing the safety and strength required while remaining lightweight and portable. There is no assembly or folding required. Simply position the ramp and it is ready for use. It features an applied skid-resistant surface and a self-adjusting bottom transition plate for easy conversion from ramp to ground. These ramps are manufactured of welded aircraft-grade aluminum.

Custom Ramps

SSometimes, only a custom built access ramp will do. These access ramps are typically twice the cost of modular ramps and are a permanent part of the home. The upside is that custom ramps typically add value to a home. For some, a custom built ramp is required to meet some HOA requirements.

Typically, custom wheelchair access ramps are built out of pressure-treated wood or concrete with metal handrails. In the last several years, composite materials have also gained popularity for being eco-friendly, maintenance-free and durable.

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