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Handicap Showers in Jacksonville

Showering is a daily ritual that provides most of us with a few minutes of comfort and pleasure. Unfortunately for some, it can be quite a challenge to get in and out of a standard shower. At Home Sweet Accessible Home, we believe your home should offer a barrier-free lifestyle. By providing direct accessibility, our bathroom shower conversions can make living much easier and far less handicapped for those challenged by aging or disabilities. We don't think showering should ever be a task. That's why we recommend simplifying your day by installing a roll-in accessible shower for your home.

Roll In Shower Installations

Making the shower accessible is one of the most important modifications to consider when designing a remodel for today's accessible home. Depending upon your budget and existing room dimensions, we can replace your tub with a molded fiberglass shower or custom build a roll in shower for a safe and comfortable bathroom that doesn't sacrifice the decor or beauty of your home. ADA compliant one-piece transfer showers are available with low or "no thresholds". These can be installed directly on the existing sub-floor allowing a wheelchair user to roll directly into a handicapped accessible shower.

Custom Wheelchair Showers

If someone in your family has a disability or is faced with other physical challenges, their safety and well being when bathing or showering has to be a real concern. Although the manufacturers of bathroom safety products have become more responsive to our changing needs, seamless tub to shower conversions can require experience that many product installers do not have. Creating the proper drainage angles, installing the right seating, positioning the proper heights on operating controls and making sure that the water is properly contained in a handicap shower unit are tasks best performed by an experienced builder or remodeling contractor.

Home Sweet Accessible Home is a licensed and insured Certified Residential Contractor and Certified Aging in Place Specialist as designated by the National Association of Home Builders. Our experience and expertise has made us Jacksonville's premier accessible home remodeler and mobility products provider. It just makes sense to use our seasoned professionals to convert your bathroom to a handicap space with increased accessibility to a pre-fabricated roll in shower or a custom-built wheelchair shower. Contact our office today at 904-342-6844 for the prompt, personal attention your home deserves.

We are dedicated to making your daily tasks more productive and your life a little easier.