Handicap Bathroom Addition in Jacksonville

This is a photo of Home Sweet Accessible Home’s detailed plans for a current remodeling project we’re working on here in Jacksonville. These plans are for a client who was having trouble fitting her walker into her tiny bathroom and came to us for help. After showing her all her options, the client decided on a master bathroom addition on her home and as you can see from the pictures, we are well on our way to completing this project.

Here’s a shot we took yesterday from the outside. We can’t wait to show you the finished project once it’s completed! This is one of those unique cases where it made more sense (both economincally and in terms of space) to add on a fully accessible bathroom right off of her master bedroom rather than tear down walls and decrease the size of neighboring rooms from her original tiny bathroom. Now the client will have all the space she needs with a wider doorway, extra space for maneuvering a walker and wheelchair, space under the vanity for wheelchair access to the sink, grab bars next to the toilet and finally a walk-in bathtub for safe bathing. She’s very excited about taking her first bath in comfort with her new walk-in bathtub! Check back soon for the “AFTER” shots of the completed project.

Thanks for reading our Home Sweet Accessible Home blog,..and here’s to continued happy and safe bathing in Jacksonville!

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