Benefits of Switching to a Walk-In Tub

walk-in tub is designed for those with limited mobility to comfortably and safely take baths (or showers) on their own. All the negatives you can think of with a standard bath are eliminated.  Here are a few benefits;

  1. Low Step In Height – Forget about stepping over the standard 16” tub to get into it.   The average step in height for a walk-in tub is only 5”. This makes it easy   for people to transition in and out of the bath.
  2. Built-In Seating – All walk-in tubs have built in seats and are set at a comfortable height for sitting   The seat heights are about the same as a standard chair – 17” to 18”.
  3. Safe Bathing – As you step into a walk-in tub you can be sure a grab bar is close by. Most have them built-in to aid getting into and out of the bath.  Also, the standard non-slip floor and built in seat reduces falling risks while bathing.  
  4. Therapeutic Benefits- Spa tubs have been around for many years and the benefits of a relaxing soak are well documented. Walk-in tubs are available with multiple air jets that create tiny therapeutic bubbles that ease tension. You will typically see 15-20 of these air jets in a typical walk-in tub. Water jets are also a great option that range in intensity from low to high, offering a minimal or vigorous massage.  Can’t decide between air or water jets?  No worries,  you can have both and to top it off most walk-in tubs have in-line heaters that maintain the water temperature while you bathe.  Home Sweet Accessible Home offers the Jacksonville, Florida area a wide selection of walk-in tubs at various price points to meet your needs. Call today at (904)342-6844 for a free in-home consultation.
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