About Scott Ross, Certified Aging in Place Builder

Scott Ross is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), a Florida licensed and insured Residential Contractor and 5th generation builder and remodeler. Scott has an interesting background leading up to his passion for building. He learned how to properly hold a hammer at the age of 2 and worked alongside his contractor father throughout his childhood, including helping to build their family home at just 9 years old. Hard work, integrity and problem solving were skills Scott learned at a very early age.

In 1988, Scott entered the United States Navy in the Naval Nuclear Power Program and later graduated with a BS degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology. He went on to work as a troubleshooting engineer, travelling extensively for several major companies such as AMF Bakery Systems and Johnson and Johnson. He returned to his passion for building in 1996 by starting Ross Remodeling Solutions, Inc. in Jacksonville, where he was able to combine his engineering and design skills with his practical building knowledge.

In 2006, Scott took on a 4-year building project at an independent living and nursing home community. This project required building 33 custom homes as well as a 24,000 square foot community center. Scott worked individually with each homeowner to custom build their home for their very specific needs for “Aging in Place.” He realized very quickly that he had a true passion for helping the elderly to plan and live comfortably and safely while still focusing on design aesthetics.

It was also at this time that Scott’s 81 year old ailing mother-in-law moved in with his family. Immediately he saw a need in the Jacksonville area for a company that specializes in transforming existing homes for the aging or handicapped. His personal experience with widening doorways, installing grab bars and creating a comfortable living space within his existing home brought about the idea for Home Sweet Accessible Home, a company that focuses on creating safe, accessible and beautiful living spaces for the elderly or handicapped. Contact Home Sweet Accessible Home at 904-342-6844 today for your free consultation.

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